Sunday, 31 January 2010


Hi everyone,
Just thought i had better have a little catch up, as most of you know the op i had on my shoulder last september to repair my broken tendons did'nt work so i am rescheduled to go in again this Wednesday for the second attempt on the op this time they are going to release the tendon from the shoulder blade and lower it down and insert 2 pins, going to so beep through customs next time i go on holiday, after having 7 doctors reavaluate everything they are hoping that this next proceedure will solve the problem downside is the recovery period is around 6 months, the good side is work is quiet at the moment so have promised everybody to try and sit still....i can't really see that happening as you all know i have to be active but i will try. Apart from that all is well kids fine, weather has cheered up blue skies and sun but pretty cold. Posting some photos of a day out in the park with the kiddie winkies and my last update on my cross stitch with alass i will have to put on hold for a month...praying to the TV fairy that they put good programmes on in the evening to keep meself occupied.

Molly on her rib stick Benalmadena park.

Little chicks in the park
Harry sneaking a snoozy on bed

My 6th week progress on my cross stitch project

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Update odds and Bobs

Here's a few updates from Christmas and New Year i can't say i remember to much from New Years eve and then carried on the partying New Years day !!! But had so much fun over the holiday season.

Christmas Eve at home

Yes even Marley had Christmas presents

Molly & Dempsey

Basil my persian checking out his goodies that Santa got him

Basil on his New Christmas cushion lovingly made by my best friend Roz for him

Christmas Day dinner at Uncle Johns


The yummy Christmas cake....mums go to Iceland !!!

 New years eve in the Golfer Roz and Derek

My friend chris New Years Eve

Roz with whoever !!1 by now extremely tippsy
Luckly i was the one with the camara so therefore noone can see how far gone i was....

Me dancing down at Banana Tree on New Years day..

The other photos i have are not appropiate to publish !!!!
And finally my update for my cross stitch...

Until the next time xxx