Sunday, 24 May 2009


LOL ok so you are wondering if i've been on the booze but my whole family are making me paranoid, they are saying that puppy Marley's head is deformed we've only just noticed it this weekend so i know that a few of my treasured cyber friends have cocker spaniels so was hoping you could have a little looking and see if he looks normal, i have had lots of dogs in my life but never a cocker and don't want my vet to look at me as if i've lost my marbles, if i ask if her has he got a big'll be 5 months next week. I know not the best of photos but the little bugger has just found he's puppy power...........

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Right now that did'nt take long just over an hour, here is Mr. Penguin in his full glory, i made him for my daughter who's a penguin freak, so i am besto mummy for the day !!!!

Thanks again Shell for sending him my way.

Love T xxxx


Well i had a lovely delivery to my post box this week, Mr Penguin arrived safe and sound from my dearest and sweetest friend Shellie, check out her fanatstic blog and the special work she does for charity.

She also has a great blog where she has kits either for swappsies or to buy so don't miss out on a great opportunity.
Mr Penguin traveled all on his own from UK to Spain, i'm thinking of making him up today, nothing much else to do today i'd palnned a day off to go to the beach...typical we have bad storms and rain so what this space for the finished project.

Ummm well what else this SAL project is coming on a treat i have spent hours and hours on it this week the temtation to get it finished now is driving me up the wall i'm even dreaming of cross stitch i took this photo on top of my pillow so you can see how humongous this project is !!!!!

Here's a few kitty update photos to they will be 6 weeks this coming wednesday and soon to be homed.

This is a very sleepy bubbles..

And this is Prince Harry

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Update sunday 17th

Ok not posting much this weekend shoulders killing me sure the extra sessions of pyshsiotherapy are making it worse got another 7 sessons left if it does'nt work then i might need surgery. On a better note am so pleased with my crosss stitch progress of my toy store photo below.

And a few photos of kitties that are now one month and 5 days old they will soon be ready to move to their new homes in a few weeks, they are now eating kitty food to, yes i'm still keeping one he's the fattest fluffiest calling him prince Harry he's the two black kitties in the photo the other one is bubbles he's got googlie eyes he's going to be my mums but must admit got a soft spot for him he loves sitting on my lap, i have now had the daddy who caused the problem opperated on don't need anymore suprises like that again.

Right off to enjoy my sunday evening and do some more sewing the quicker i finish that i can start on my AOY kits..

Huggies to all who read my blog

Monday, 4 May 2009

Looky what the postie man delivered..

Arrived home to parcels on my door step just love that, two out fits from Kim & Co from QVC sorry haven't taken photos yet...
But also two AOY (all our yesterdays) cross stitch kits am so please with them, they cost me only 1.99 pounds each i got them from ebay the seller has tons of kits and is a power seller and delivery was only a week to Spain so all excellent i can let you know who she is if your interested, as she has so many kits i think it's easier to win the bids plus the prices stay low...Will update kitties progress this week, still under the weather with the flu, plus had to have another jab in the shoulder and been told i need an op...back to Drs next week to discuss it.. Just having such a pooy 6 months what with the cervical cancer and op in January and now this.
And work is still so totally mental...ok i've had my moan now...pmsl...