Thursday, 30 April 2009

Naughty me for not posting 30th April

Slappy slappy on my hand for the delay in placing something on my blog done everyone else's but my own !!! Not posting much but basically to let everyone know i am alive and breathing.

Ok as everyone know my cat Lulu blue Persian decided to spring a bundle of kitties on me on April the i had no idea that she was pregnant and the father who is my cross Persian scraggles was meant to have had his knackers knocked off by the rescue centre when i had him 2 years ago, needless to say they hadn't done the job probably so not only do i have new puppy Marley i now have 4 Persian kitties !!!! I've had to move mother and babies downstairs to my mums house cause puppy Marley thinks I've bought him some new squeaky toys, on a good note i think i have homes for all of them when they are 8 weeks old (OK so I'm cheating i have to keep one !!!) she did have 5 but unfortunately one didn't make it past 24 hours, the remaining 4 are now two weeks old and doing great. I've taken some photos but will get updates this weekend.

This is scraggles the daddy !!!
One of the 3 black kitties he's the biggest and at the moment has a squashy nose...named him Harry but it's not final as i still can't tell what sex they are or even which one I'm going to have each day they all change and all are so cute..
All the babies together they are a week old here...

This bundle of white fluff is reserved for my friend Emma as she's always wanted a white Persian she's already named it Malibu, apparently once they are about 3 weeks old they should start to get there Persian features..


And as you all know this is Lulu being the proud mum but not to amused that I've had to move her downstairs to my mums spare room..

.And puppy Marley has insisted that he has an up to date photo on the blog this was taken before he nobbled the beautiful pink geranium behind him !!!!
As for my SAL i have been so busy with work but have managed to squeeze some in, still trying to finish the shop window was hoping to do it by this weekend but no chance, think I'll be off to the naughty chair !!! OH yes and before i forget i have managed to win two AOY (All of our yesterday kits) off EBay so when i receive them i will post.

OK that's all for now I'm off to crash.

Love Tara x

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunday Update & Garden & Marley the pup


Stopped for a break for 10 minutes to update my blog.

What a week i have had, had so much work didn't know whether i was coming or going I've hardly seen the kids over the Easter holidays but they've had a great time as they have spent the whole week with their grandad.

Finally I've had today off and managed to squeeze a fair bit into my day, started off making some homemade granary bread uuummmm house smells delicious.

Done an Easter egg hunt for the terrors, then have spent all day removing weeds from our flower beds in the front garden and placing geraniums in place of the weeds wow...we slowly have a garden, plus all week kids grandfather has been busy doing a few hours a day in the garden it's really coming together having 1000 m2 of land is not amusing. What i will do is take some photos later when the solar lights come on.

So I've taken lots of before and after photos.




Also must share these pot's with you, these are called MOON FLOWER plants a dear friend of mine posted the seeds to me last Autumn and I've finally got round to plant them and hey presto they have started to sprout, these are very unusual plants cause once they flower they will stay closed when the sun's out and then open when the moon comes out so keep posted for an update on these.

Marley the new puppy is still a little treacle LOL I've been taking him to work with me, not so amusing when your trying to get apartments ready for the Easter holiday makers and he just loves brooms, mops and OMG toilet brushes, so one arm, armed with pup and the other with broom.

Also started my physiotherapy for my shoulder done 2 sessions and it is decidedly's electric shock treatment and then a very painful massage !!! I'm back at physio tomorrow for the next 5 days but will try and speak to my Dr.

My SAL is coming on but not as fast as i would like but hopefully i will try and finish the toyshop window this week.

Right it's bath time for the kids over here in Spain they are back to school tomorrow then I'm going to prepare a well deserved barbecue and i think as an extra treat a bottle of wine.

Hope everyone is having a nice Easter all my love Tara x

Sunday, 5 April 2009


Hi Everyone,

Here's my SAL update for the week and some more cuties photos of puppy Marley, he is an absolute taking him to work with me as it's Easter and the apartment rentals are very busy so don't want to leave him at home, but he has been good. Still another 2 weeks for him to get his last jab and be able to walk him in the street on the road so getting a dead arm from carrying him around.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

My new puppy...need a bigger house

Hi Everyone,
Here's a few snaps of the new baby that i have rescued........he'll be 3 months next week...his story is very sad.....he was bought on inpulse by someone i know (i would now say that i can't consider this person a friend anymore just someone i will say hello to while gritting my teeth) from a pet shop window a few weeks ago, he has been permanantely lock up in a very small bathroom from 8am til 8pm...with no bed no toys and just a bowl of water !!!!! The owners boyfriend found him to be a great football and has been kicking the little baby because he's a little puppy and he has little puppy accidents !!! yes hello thats what puppy's he has been crying all night locked in their house well wouldn't you if you were locked in the bathroom all night.
In between all this he has been given away to other homes and then returned back again due to people who think he looks cute but after a few hours of responsability decide it will muck up their lifes !!!! Well this aquantaince person decided that they now can't keep him and asked if i could find him a home of course me with sucker all over my head took him in yesterday afternoon, after buying the little mite a lovely bed (not that he used it the sofa was more comfy along with my bed !!!) lots of toys and some decent puppy food.
Well he did'nt keep me up all night he did cry until i put him on my bed where he curled up and stayed there all night til 7.30 that was from 12 last night this poor little mite just needs lots of TLC this morning when i took him out he has done nothing in the house, what a good boy.
Cats are laughing at him cause he's smaller than them but all getting on very well haven't let him out to play yet with the big dogs but will do that later on today.
Will get some more snaps later for you.
We haven't quiet picked him name yet so far we've been calling him Marley but yesterday when mum and i were playing with him we spotted the size of his ears !!!!! thinking that the name Dumbo might be more appropiate !!!!!!

There should be a law to check peoples back ground before they decide on impulse to buy an animal from a shop they just do not think i am so annoyed personally if i see this persons boyfriend i will kick him to see how he likes it.

Lots of love