Sunday, 25 January 2009

Update on My SAL

Not been feeling to great to be honest with you all just been feeling so totally washed out, still suffering from cramps after the op. But have been doing lots of my SAL which i have just published on Step by step stitch alone, lol i did have a chuckle to myself as i decided to count how many stitches there was in's OMG can you believe it 42423...and i've only done 3081...and i haven't done any of my other projects at all this week, so working it out roughly i guess it will take me over 13 weeks so i'll give myself a goal and say 4-5 months to complete it...i'll probably be the last to finish mind you saying that i think Gaynor's looks really hard.

Off to finish the few bottom lines of the pathment then i can start on the door.

Thursday, 22 January 2009


Evening everyone,

Have been a busy bee with my new project on SAL trying to at least catch up a bit with everyone else's project, Gaynor was very kind to add me to her step by step stitch along, this i must admit has given me a great boost as i'm still feeling horrid after my op, plus i have 3 weeks to wait until i get the results to see if all the cancer cells were removed...this waiting game has been going on since October, test after test, biopsy after biopsy. So doing my SAL is a great road to recovery and a goal for my progress. i'm not posting what i have done since yesterday on my SAL your all have to wait til the weekend when i'll add it to stitch along. But here's the photo of my project...counted cross stitch toy shop...

You can also see it on

Right my bed is calling me, cats already there including my new baby kitty Muffins which i got sunday just gone, from my friend from the animal charity, i am also starting another blog called Bloggy Moggies it's for all you cat lovers who would like to add your cats and there stories, blog is still under contruction but i'm hoping to have it up and running at the weekend. Including tonight a photo of Muffin.
Night all xxx

P.s Thank you Wendy for joining my Bloggie Moggies would love photo of your cat to, to add

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Flower Fairies project update

Here's some more work done on my fairies, wow i just wish there wasn't so many little bits to do on it, just love it when you get a good run with the same colour !!!

Have a great Sunday everyone, feeling a lot brighter today.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Past Projects

I thought i might share a few of my past projects with you, my kitchen cross stitch took me forever and i done it over 11 years ago infact whilst i was pregnant with my daughter it holds prime place on my kitchen wall, as it's already framed the photo hasn't come out to good but you can make it out.

Now my bear one is my bathroom one also done a while ago, i do love doing bears, i also have some completed big bear projects down in my mums house so i shall snap them later to post.

Finished Kitty Cat Project

As you can all tell i have been keeping to Drs instructions to take things easy and relax after my op, am in a bit of pain but i guess it can only get better, the op went well and after a few hums and hars i was allowed out on the same day, i still will not know if the proceedure to remove all the cancer cells has worked for another month, so again playing the waiting game, but fingers crossed. So here is the finished piece of the adorable kitty cats. So i'm now back on fairy project as my head seems to be more in place...weekend wishes to everyone.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Todays Project

Today i will be starting the lovely cat project that Shellie sent me, it's an easy one so it will take my mind of the op later on today and keep me busy til it's time to leave as i am now nil by mouth, will be taking it with me to the hospital to do aswell they will probably take me to the psych ward instead of the operateing theatre !!So just going to sort my bits ready and quickly dust the house and smoke probably a pack of cigarrettes.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A few of My pets

Evening everyone,
Decided to share a few photos of my Cat & Kitten with you as i haven't really made much headway with sewing today as i'm so nervous about having my op tomorrow to remove cervical cancer cells, just can not get the brain to focus, so enjoy my babies the fat big lump is Basil he's a doll face persian he will be 2 years old this month, the little blue baby is my LuLu she's only 8 months old.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Flower Fairies

Here's a most beautiful cross stitch it's a collection range from DMC, i started this last week did'nt realice it was such a large project but i love it. I will keep you up to date on the progress of this one, (think this one will be finished before Thomas) however i might be putting this one on hold for a few weeks as i am due in hospital in the middle of the week for an op, so will probably just do some wonderful small projects which my great and dearest friend sent me to help me pass the time and recover, she is a wonderful crafts lady herself and also has here own blog, please pop past and view her delightful pages and her masterpieces

Saturday, 10 January 2009

A project Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light

This is the start of my cross stitch of a beautiful Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light scene, it's out of the collection from Lamplight Bridge, this sewing project carefully uses light reflecting cottons and threads to give it a real life affect as you can see i have only done the bottom left hand corner. This is not an easy project as it has lots of french knots which i ready hate doing, my friend suggested ages ago to use coloured small beads instead, unfortunately i had already started this project but i will definately use the beads for the another project i am doing with faries.