Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday 29th March

Hi everyone,

Let me see excuses for not blogging......Flued and had a house full of kiddie winks all week, still got one here hoping to push out the front door within the next few hours so i can actually have some me time..... and hope that my sanity returns.

Here's the mothers day card i made last week which i forgot to post.

My kids bought me for mothers day a beautiful crab apple bonsai tree it's so pretty it's in bloom at the moment so i will get the camera out later and take some photies for you, it's 7 years old but knowing my green fingers it won't reach 8 !!!!
Garden project is slightly on hold for a week cause of the tendon problem i have in my shoulder but since my last posted photos i have done the lawn and the plants have now filled out and started to blossom and the peach tree is coming on a treat.

Also managed to take a photo of the baby hedgehog who is hiding somewhere in my garden and my dog olive keeps finding and dropping on my door step !!!!!!

And last but not least this weeks update on my SAL having a panic on it as everyone is getting close to finishing theirs !!!!!

Right so it's Sunday morning and I'm off to put my Granary bread in the oven that has been rising for the last 3 hours, i just hate it this time of year when the clocks go forward cause it takes ages to get back into a routine and it takes mt son Dempsey weeks until he gets his normal sleep pattern back, not amusing when we've lost an hours sleep and i do love my bed !!!!
Have a great week everyone, will post Dr's report on shoulder hopefully tomorrow when/if the MRI results are in, if not i have to wait another week to get another appointment.
Love Tara xxx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My Dempsey's Birthday last week

Hi everyone,

Finally found 5 minutes to put some photos up of last weeks day out with my Dempsey and his best friend, we had a fab day his little friend stayed over on Friday night bless their first ever sleep over but considering they are only 7 they were as good as gold, took them all day to a big complex in the city where they run round and i was able to favorite hobby, then took them to watch the movie Beverly hills Chihuahua's it was so funny, all in all a great day. And as promised and up to date photo of myself.
Dempsey in green with his best friend Harvey

ummm popcorn guaranteed to make you cough all the way
through the movie !!!!
Yes me

Dr. Who Chocolate cake i made it !!!!!!!!

Molly & Me she felt a bit left out with the two boys,
stealing the days attention.

A rare moment when brother and sister like each other.
Or is he strangling her.

Bargain of today (Shellie you would love this) bought this fab card kit reduced to 7.99 € approx 8.50 pounds, contains 40 cards, envelopes and over 250 embellishments, sticker's and tons more....will get my mitts on it tonight to make my mothers day card. (Basil the cat not included) And will post tomorrow.

Right that's about all that's been interesting this week plus under Dr's orders to keep my shoulder in a shouldn't really be playing on here !!! but i won't tell him if you don't.
You must pop over to my other blog and check out the hysterical photos and comments i posted last night.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Update on my Stitch along

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to catch up with a photo from my SAL as you can see done a fair bit of sewing this week so am pretty proud of progress, i will pop back on either later or tomorrow to fill you in about my son's 7th birthday last weekend with some fab photos and i even managed to take a nice one of myself !!!! Busy trying to denit my son's hair OMG could of died when i checked him and found the beasty buggies there, my daughters at her friends for the day so heaven knows if she's got them to, i do hope not cause her hairs so long and it takes me hours to do.

So take care for now. Love Tara xxx

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Hi everyone...think I'm losing my marbles yes it's Wednesday and i totally forgot to blog at the everyone elses but mine...Well the gardens been a total wash out this week and the weekend gone due to horrid rains and now we've got high winds so all my good work looks like it's gone to pot literally !!! My kids are driving me insane they were on half term last week now back at school and with the weather unable to burn off their energy in the playground especially my son Dempsey who has ADHD and is so hyperactive it makes you tired just watching him, it's also his 7th birthday this coming Sunday so you can imagine whats he's like. We decided that we aren't having a party for him this year instead we are having his best little buddy Harvey over to stay the night on Friday their first ever sleep over...ahhhhh....sweet.....and we are taking them to the city on Saturday to the big cinema complex hopefully to watch a movie in 3D there's not many kids movies on at the moment but hopefully there will be something, then off for some din dins after his little friend's going back home Saturday night. And Sunday his birthday a nice quiet day at home and he can have his presents which hopefully will keep him quiet all day and give me a chance to recover !!!!

Been rather naughty this week as i confess have not done any of my SAL since Sunday been suffering a bit with migraines must be the weather plus have problems with tentants in my shoulder which hasn't quiet been right since November when i damaged it but what with the cancer scare and everything decided to ignore the issue as you do. But had to go to see my GP today for my usual monthly chat with her and now that the other matter is sorted she's sending me to see a traumatologist to sort my arm and some physio appointment for the 16th of this month.

So here's what i have done of my SAL since my last update and an definately off to sit down and do some now.

Will post update with lots of photos at the weekend including the DR WHO birthday cake that i got the little man.

Lots of love xxx