Sunday, 22 February 2009

What a Week this has been



OK So my week started with a visit to the hospital to finally pick up my test results after the op i had last month to remove cancer cervical cells…the results are……………the lump removed was grade 1 cervical cancer the results after removing the lump are now CANCER FREE, so what a total relief....back to the hospital in 3 months to continue check up and other items that at the moment can't be sorted til the hormones are back to normal. This was Monday.
Tuesday night Olive my dog decided to go searching again for hedgehogs !!! luckily enough we managed to get her back but had to prize the fence up, so we then decided that my garden needs a major make over, and where the fence is all round the back of my garden place flower beds to deter the horrid dog from getting out.
Wednesday i was working and started shopping at the garden centres for suitable plants that will grow into trees and bushes.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today Sunday has been spent trying to turn my 1000 m2 garden into something that looks like a garden, starting from 9 am til 4pm everyday with not only me but my mum her man and even neighbours kids helping out. we are no where near finished but it's looking better...upon which i also sacked my gardener realising that the lazy man hasn't done anything on my land but cut the grass ever few months...well with the economy as it is I'm sure i will not have any problem finding a cheap and reliable gardener, once i have finished doing everything that needs doing. I have taken lots of before and as we get on photos for you also done my pots on my terrace. we are having beautiful spring weather which really makes you smile and you do enjoy doing things like this. I also planted a delightful peach tree...and thinking about starting a veggie garden. At this moment in time my body doesn't belong to


I will be continuing throughout next week and my friend is coming over to help cut the big tall trees down with a chain saw...also my kids are on half term for a week, so hopefully the weather will stay nice and the fresh air will do them good.

As for my SAL yes after all the above i have managed to keep on top of that too....have a few major issues with it as i had added extra stitches on the door so had a lot of unpicking to do and i also did not like the back stitch colour around the shop door so had to redo all that in a darker colour. but really pleased with what i have achieved.

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Molly & Her Uncle John ......Views from the chair lift

ME (standing lol)



Well what a fab time was had by all, the little skiing excursion was absolutely fab the kids loved every minute of it, the snow wasn't soft enough to do snow men or snow balls but there was certainly plenty of it,....OK yes i tumbled down the mountain twice thank god no one had a camera, but will definitely go again, maybe without the kids next time there was lots of dishy men up there !!!!!
We had beautiful sunshine and with all the abominable snow clothes didn't really feel the cold.

As for my SAL project manage to finish the bottom wall to the toy shop and now back onto the left hand side pillar as I've decided to do a bit of the easy part for the next week i.e door and i don't quiet fancy the battle with the toy shop window.

Monday, 9 February 2009

My weekly Update

Sorry for the delay but as most of you know my camera decided to die, OK so after a day going round a thousand shops i came away with a very snazzy little camera it's the latest one out by Olympus, and does everything, it was a bit higher price than what i wanted to pay but i am always using my camera, whether it be the kids, the cats, or my blogs so thought in the end it was well worth it. LOL i obviously can't post a photo of it !!!

As most of you noticed my SAL was rather poor last week, will try to play catch up this week.

i now can confirm my little two day ski break to the mountains which is for this Thursday and have finally bought all the bits me and the kids need so we're all ready to go...we are leaving at 5.30am !!!!! should take up 3-4 hours drive to get there booked into a nice little two star hotel which is in the actual snow village so bars, restaurants and pubs on the door step for the evening...sounds good to me.... according to the weather forecast we will have good weather however at the middle of the peek the temperature is -18.

My doings of yesterday was a mask for my son Dempsey school yearly project for carnival week, it had to be off garden, flower, trees theme....(yes i know the boy was meant to make it himself....but you know us craft mums just couldn't resist the urge...) It took me 3 hours. It's a rather big ta do over here in Spain and an excuse to celebrate, the winning masks then get put on display in our local town hall and then 3 winners picked. My daughter Molly won first prize for her fancy dress competition last year a beautiful trophy and first price for her mask she won a lovely book. I was well proud. In fact i have photos.


As for my SAL i done a little more last night so republishing photo on here as it was taken with the new camera, and yesterdays photo on stitch along didn't show up to good.

OK that's all for now.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


To all my dearest friends, i would like to let you all know that my dog Olive has been found safe and sound rather stinky and skinny but nothing some TLC wont treat, i got a call an hour ago from the local animal shelter to say she has been bought in (thank god for micro chips) Aparently someone had seen her on a roof not far from where i live they called the police who then called the Enviroment wealfare, who then came and took her to the acutal animal shelter i sponser, so after all out bad weather and storms the poor little girl has been out in it for a week exactly, i've posted a photo of her, one very happy kids don't know yet my mums just gone to pick them up from school can't wait to see their faces, thank you all for you support and warm wishes, prayers and good worked a treat.

Love Tara xxx

Sunday, 1 February 2009

My horrid week

Hi everyone,

Sorry for no updates last week it's been a bad one my doggy managed to escape from my house on Tuesday night she seem to have got out under a small gap in the fence in our back garden this gap leads straight onto the main road luckily it was late and hardly any traffic on the roads, but there is no sign of her anywhere, i have gone to every rescue centre, walk, driven, searched, beaches, roads, houses, mountains everywhere but no luck my only hope is that someone finds her and takes her to a vet or a shelter as she is micro chipped and has a collar on and can be traced back to me, but worst of all i don't even have any photos of her as my hard drive on my PC got wiped a few weeks ago and i lost everything and as usual i never done a back up so all my photos are gone......The kids are so upset and my other dog is missing her so much, just heart broken.

On a bit brighter note my mums boyfriend has decided that he's taking me and the kids skiing to the ski slopes about 3 hours drive from the coast where i live in Spain, the kids have never seen snow in the life so you can imagine how excited they are, we're meant to be going around the 12th of this month depending of course on the conditions, if we're lucky and can find a cheap place to stay outside the village then we're be there for 2 days if not it will be just for the whole day, but whatever just to get away will be nice, we've been out and bought all the ski clothes in the sales so it's really cost us hardly anything..i must admit i got a nice out fit for myself, well you never know me being a single mum now after being separated from my abusive husband for 4 years, there might be a dishy single snow instructor someone like George Clooney would be nice..well a girl can only dream !!!!

So this weeks projects have been sewing up my mums boyfriends space suit as i would call it, it must be about 40 years old.....looks like a superman outfit, okay he's on a diet to fit into it !!!!!!oh please i hope he doesn't read my blog...hehe...but bless him he's 72 years old and to be honest is fitter and healthier than i am and I'm only 38...they don't make them like him now a days. Have tried to snap a photo of it for a laugh...

Have been busy on my SAL this week I'm really happy as to how far I've got.

So that's last weeks catch up, fingers crossed this new week and new month will be better than lasts. and please all keep your fingers crossed that my little dog Olive is found and returned.

love to you all.

Have a great week everyone and happy stitching..