Sunday, 1 February 2009

My horrid week

Hi everyone,

Sorry for no updates last week it's been a bad one my doggy managed to escape from my house on Tuesday night she seem to have got out under a small gap in the fence in our back garden this gap leads straight onto the main road luckily it was late and hardly any traffic on the roads, but there is no sign of her anywhere, i have gone to every rescue centre, walk, driven, searched, beaches, roads, houses, mountains everywhere but no luck my only hope is that someone finds her and takes her to a vet or a shelter as she is micro chipped and has a collar on and can be traced back to me, but worst of all i don't even have any photos of her as my hard drive on my PC got wiped a few weeks ago and i lost everything and as usual i never done a back up so all my photos are gone......The kids are so upset and my other dog is missing her so much, just heart broken.

On a bit brighter note my mums boyfriend has decided that he's taking me and the kids skiing to the ski slopes about 3 hours drive from the coast where i live in Spain, the kids have never seen snow in the life so you can imagine how excited they are, we're meant to be going around the 12th of this month depending of course on the conditions, if we're lucky and can find a cheap place to stay outside the village then we're be there for 2 days if not it will be just for the whole day, but whatever just to get away will be nice, we've been out and bought all the ski clothes in the sales so it's really cost us hardly anything..i must admit i got a nice out fit for myself, well you never know me being a single mum now after being separated from my abusive husband for 4 years, there might be a dishy single snow instructor someone like George Clooney would be nice..well a girl can only dream !!!!

So this weeks projects have been sewing up my mums boyfriends space suit as i would call it, it must be about 40 years old.....looks like a superman outfit, okay he's on a diet to fit into it !!!!!!oh please i hope he doesn't read my blog...hehe...but bless him he's 72 years old and to be honest is fitter and healthier than i am and I'm only 38...they don't make them like him now a days. Have tried to snap a photo of it for a laugh...

Have been busy on my SAL this week I'm really happy as to how far I've got.

So that's last weeks catch up, fingers crossed this new week and new month will be better than lasts. and please all keep your fingers crossed that my little dog Olive is found and returned.

love to you all.

Have a great week everyone and happy stitching..


Wendy said...

Oh Tara, hoping and wishing that Olive is found safe and well for you, how traumatic :-( When I was a teenager, our dog ran away because of ireworks, she was missing for 2 weeks and we were devastated. My heart goes out to you. Good luck with the skiing! Bet you have a fab time!! ..x..

Stitching Kath said...

oh Tara I so feel for you. i lost my dog a few weeks ago as he got out of the gate whilst i was moving the rubbish bins. i didnt know he was missing until the phone rang and when he wasnt at the side of it barking i knew what the call would be about. thankfully the person on the other end of the phone had found him on the lane and put him in their car, read his collar and phoned me. i was shaking when they brought him back and the little sod didnt want to get out of the car as he thought he was going a long ride lol
fingers crossed your doggie returns home safe and sound very soon. please keep us posted.
love kath

Gaynor said...

Sounds like someone must be looking after her. Try putting some posters up locally and in your local shops. I am sure she will turn up soon. Thank goodness she is micro-chipped.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Ginnie said...

So sorry to hear about your dog, at least he is micro tagged so there is a chance he could be found. Great news about your trip.... I have never been ski-ing I think I'd be rubbish as I fall over enough without snow!!

Theresa said...

I hope your doggy is returned safe and sound to you soon. I would be devestated if my little girl went missing. Have fun skiing. I would give anything to see real snow. I have never seen it and I am nearly 40.