Monday, 4 May 2009

Looky what the postie man delivered..

Arrived home to parcels on my door step just love that, two out fits from Kim & Co from QVC sorry haven't taken photos yet...
But also two AOY (all our yesterdays) cross stitch kits am so please with them, they cost me only 1.99 pounds each i got them from ebay the seller has tons of kits and is a power seller and delivery was only a week to Spain so all excellent i can let you know who she is if your interested, as she has so many kits i think it's easier to win the bids plus the prices stay low...Will update kitties progress this week, still under the weather with the flu, plus had to have another jab in the shoulder and been told i need an op...back to Drs next week to discuss it.. Just having such a pooy 6 months what with the cervical cancer and op in January and now this.
And work is still so totally mental...ok i've had my moan now...pmsl...


Shellie said...

Two great Kits but then i would say that as I have them both lol
Darent ask who the seller is i think 35 odd AOY kits is enough to be getting on with espcially now Ive signed up with the Stitching for Charity!!
Hugs and Love

Ranae said...

Two cute designs.
Bad things seem to come in three's, so maybe this will be looking up for you. Hope so anyway!!

Gaynor said...

OH NO!!! AOY are overtaking us!!! No really, well done with your buys. I would like to know who she is...I never seem able to find any bargains these daysl

35 Kits Shellie??? What do you do on your days off lol Phew!!!!


Gaynor said...

Oh yeah, I am having a poohey month too..shall we have choccies on Sunday regardless???


Tara said...

LOL Gaynor yes i think we should just say sod it and have them chocies on sunday, besides hun we need fattening up all our stresses and wows cause us to lose weight..we need CHOCOSTRENGTH !!!

Always smiling said...

Hi Tara,

Popped in from the stitchalong group to say hey!
And great bargains from ebay I must have a look myself, I might need to increase my stash!!!

Lovely stitching on yout shop window.
Happy Stitching

Chris x