Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Todays Project

Today i will be starting the lovely cat project that Shellie sent me, it's an easy one so it will take my mind of the op later on today and keep me busy til it's time to leave as i am now nil by mouth, will be taking it with me to the hospital to do aswell they will probably take me to the psych ward instead of the operateing theatre !!So just going to sort my bits ready and quickly dust the house and smoke probably a pack of cigarrettes.


Shellie said...

Glad you like the kit hun hope it helps keep ur mind of things
Happy Stitching Be Thinking of you
Hugs n Love Shellie

Wendy said...

Good luck for the Op Tara, Love the kitty kit! ..x..

Ginnie said...

That looks a really sweet design. Good luck with your operation.

Theresa said...

your project looks lovely Tara. Good luck with your opp. I had one similar last year so I feel for you matey. Don't overdo things when you get home. Lifting is a no no and don't go doing too much walking around for the first few days. I tried to do too much too soon and I had heavy bleeding so please take it easy