Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A few of My pets

Evening everyone,
Decided to share a few photos of my Cat & Kitten with you as i haven't really made much headway with sewing today as i'm so nervous about having my op tomorrow to remove cervical cancer cells, just can not get the brain to focus, so enjoy my babies the fat big lump is Basil he's a doll face persian he will be 2 years old this month, the little blue baby is my LuLu she's only 8 months old.


Shellie said...

AWWWW look at your wee babies look like butter wouldnt melt I know otherwise tho dont I hunni lol
Be thinking of you today
take care and keep in touch
Hugs n Love

Wendy said...

Awww They're so sweet! I have a cat too! And love her to bits! Good luck with the Op hun, I had the same done a few years back and it went fine..x. Thinking of you..

Ranae said...

How adorable they are.
Mine likes plastic bags too and oh boxes.