Thursday, 30 April 2009

Naughty me for not posting 30th April

Slappy slappy on my hand for the delay in placing something on my blog done everyone else's but my own !!! Not posting much but basically to let everyone know i am alive and breathing.

Ok as everyone know my cat Lulu blue Persian decided to spring a bundle of kitties on me on April the i had no idea that she was pregnant and the father who is my cross Persian scraggles was meant to have had his knackers knocked off by the rescue centre when i had him 2 years ago, needless to say they hadn't done the job probably so not only do i have new puppy Marley i now have 4 Persian kitties !!!! I've had to move mother and babies downstairs to my mums house cause puppy Marley thinks I've bought him some new squeaky toys, on a good note i think i have homes for all of them when they are 8 weeks old (OK so I'm cheating i have to keep one !!!) she did have 5 but unfortunately one didn't make it past 24 hours, the remaining 4 are now two weeks old and doing great. I've taken some photos but will get updates this weekend.

This is scraggles the daddy !!!
One of the 3 black kitties he's the biggest and at the moment has a squashy nose...named him Harry but it's not final as i still can't tell what sex they are or even which one I'm going to have each day they all change and all are so cute..
All the babies together they are a week old here...

This bundle of white fluff is reserved for my friend Emma as she's always wanted a white Persian she's already named it Malibu, apparently once they are about 3 weeks old they should start to get there Persian features..


And as you all know this is Lulu being the proud mum but not to amused that I've had to move her downstairs to my mums spare room..

.And puppy Marley has insisted that he has an up to date photo on the blog this was taken before he nobbled the beautiful pink geranium behind him !!!!
As for my SAL i have been so busy with work but have managed to squeeze some in, still trying to finish the shop window was hoping to do it by this weekend but no chance, think I'll be off to the naughty chair !!! OH yes and before i forget i have managed to win two AOY (All of our yesterday kits) off EBay so when i receive them i will post.

OK that's all for now I'm off to crash.

Love Tara x


Gaynor said...

aw..I want one lol

Well done with the SAL, I can see you have your hands full ;-)

Stitching Kath said...

i will take marley off your hands. just jumping on the plane now haha

shop window coming on a treat will be wonderful once finished. keep going girl as you need to move as i need to go under the naughty chair as done nothing on mine all week.

love kath

Shellie said...

AWWWWWWWWW Cure kittys
and Marley gets more adorable by the second
As for you SAL
I am sulking I thought you were going to jion me under the naughty chair now I am under there all alone WITH ALL THE CHOCCIES!!!!

Lula said...

aw... hello Marley. He's gorgeous Tara