Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Wow been trying to find 5 minutes for days to catch up on my blog every time i sit down and do it i get way laid and end up somewhere on cyber space.

Well i finally got two whole days off at the weekend and spent it down the beach it was brilliant, sun, sea and fresh air, the kids had a whale of a time and Molly took her friend and Dempsey actually asked a little boy if he would like to play with him so that took care of him for the day there i was on the sunbed with a little cross stitch kit (flower blooms) in one hand and a glass of tinto verano (translated as summer red- which is red wine and 7up) in the other hand absolute bliss, but isn't it amazing how doing nothing really tires you out !!!

Ummm well what else has happened this week, i gave the kitties away to their new owners, Malibu (the little white one) went to my friend Emma's who is so proud of him she's been showing him off and taking him around town in a little pouch !! And the other kitty who i did'nt have a home for, the one i had nick named Orphan annie was taken by a friend of my daughters, the Mother was looking to get her daughter a kitten for her birthday and i was ear wigging into her convesation at the school gates so offered her one of my litter and she came round the same night and actually chose Orphan Annie, so a sweet happy i have now been able to bring Lulu (mummy cat) up stairs where she belongs along with the two kitties i am keeping...Bubbles and Harry or could be a Harrieta still can't tell !!


Anyway they are all doing great and enjoying the space of my whole house instead of being in the spare room downstairs at mums.

They are rather cheeky i must admit and have already worked out how to climb up on the bed they will be 7 weeks old tomorrow.

Puppy marley is also being a good boy as the weather has hit hot tempretures here i have started to leave him at home while i go to work he enjoys playing with my mums dog so we are leaving them together downstairs, my two dogs have just not bonded with him i guess cause they are oldish and set in their ways.

Also won another AOY (All our yesterdays) Cross stitch kits on ebay...POPPY FIELDS it arrived yesterday. Don't forget ladies if any of you would like a copy of any of my charts or all of them please let me know as i have now bought a printer/scanner all in one and can either email them off to you or stick them in the post.


Am really hoping to get this totally finshed within 2 weeks, mind saying that i haven't done any for 3 days, better get my needle moving before i get put under the naughty chair with the naughty hat !!!

Right off to put my P-Jams on and relax in front of the telly and do my stitching,

Enjoy life, it's to short to wear a frown xxx

P.S Ignore any spelling mistakes spell checks not working !!!


Gaynor said...

Too interested to read whats been happening to notice the spelling. Glad you got the kitties sorted and well done with the SAL...finishing line is in site yahoo!!
word verification is did it know how many packets of crisps I have to day sob lol

Stitching Kath said...

love the kitties. would love a copy of the aoy poppies. i think i have a disk with some aoy charts on. i will find it out and let you know what i have got. could you let me know which ones you have. love kath (

Ginnie said...

Such cure kitties!! Love the new kit too......

Lindylou said...

Hi Tara

Your Marley looks gorgeous... and you are so lucky living in Spain. What area do you live in ?

I would love a copy of the chart you are doing for the stitch along and the Poppy Field one you have just got.

Big Hugs


Shellie said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW those kitties are so sweet give Harry ( my godcat pmsl) a hug from me,
Your SAL looks great and love the new AOY I also have that one lol
Hugs and Love Shellie xxxxx

Stitching Kath said...

hi tara
found the cd with aoy charts on. not sure how good the prints will be but can do you a copy of the cd. i think i may have some aoy charts of my own so will find them out and put them on a disk for you. let me have your address so i can post to you. love kath x

Lindylou said...

Hi Kath

Can I be cheeky and ask if I could have a copy of the CD

I love the AOY charts... you are doing well on your SAL.

Big Hugs