Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Still suffering from migrains this week think it's something to do with the wacky weird weather we have been having one day backing hot the next cloudy and freezing.

Anyway have been very productive this week in my spare seems to get sorter each time as the busy tourisum season is starting and my work it getting manic will be like this now till the end of october.
I hadn't posted my SAL update this week as i really wanted to get it finished by this weekend and post my gran finale but don't think i'm not going to make my dead line so going to post where i'm up to now, as i've been doing another project see below for the past two days and tomorrow i'm going out in the evening to take the kids to the spanish feria...we have it once a year and it last's for a week where there is a big fair ground in town and parties, dancing, drinkies and lots of eating goes all day and night, all the little girls and boys dress up in special clothes, the Spanish only work a few hours a day during this week including the banks, which was a pain this morning when i found it already shut by 12 noon !!!! and the kids get 4 days off come this thursday !!!!

This is the little project i was working on two days it took me, a Mr Koala for my boy Demspey, as you all know last week Shellie kindly sent me Mr. Penguin to make for my daughter, theses are ready to sew soft toys' well my little boy went nutty wanting a home made teddy so of course i had to Ebay and get another kit. So here's Dempsey's and his home made Koala, he showed the school security guard when i picked him up and the guard has just called me saying i know that this might be a bit cheeky but i don't suppose you could make me one for a friend of mine....OMG...i now have to go back onto Ebay and order some more kits as my mother also wants one....

Also my kids are prepareing for their end of school shows which takes place on the 19th of this month, Dempsey is playing a penguin out of a scene from Mary Poppins so as i am on the PTA committy i was kindly nominated to make some bit for the stage scenary !!!!! And Molly is doing a part out of the movie Mamma Mia as of yet i have not been asked to make anything lets pray it will stay that way....

Haven't taken update photos of kitties this week who will be 8 weeks this wednesday or off puppy Marley but i'll get some done alone with photos from th fair tomorrow night.

Big huggies everyone xxxx


Gaynor said...

Great progess on the shop! It looks lovely. Well done. I am amazed you found time to do any done!

Stitching Kath said...

stitching looking good and if i lived nearer you would be making me a koala - hes gorgeous

Lynn B said...

The shop looks amazing, congratulations!

Shellie said...

great progress sweety and just love dempseys Koala think we started something there lol.
Scenery is fantastic too
Hope to catch up soon
Love and hugs shellie xxxxxxx