Thursday, 2 April 2009

My new puppy...need a bigger house

Hi Everyone,
Here's a few snaps of the new baby that i have rescued........he'll be 3 months next week...his story is very sad.....he was bought on inpulse by someone i know (i would now say that i can't consider this person a friend anymore just someone i will say hello to while gritting my teeth) from a pet shop window a few weeks ago, he has been permanantely lock up in a very small bathroom from 8am til 8pm...with no bed no toys and just a bowl of water !!!!! The owners boyfriend found him to be a great football and has been kicking the little baby because he's a little puppy and he has little puppy accidents !!! yes hello thats what puppy's he has been crying all night locked in their house well wouldn't you if you were locked in the bathroom all night.
In between all this he has been given away to other homes and then returned back again due to people who think he looks cute but after a few hours of responsability decide it will muck up their lifes !!!! Well this aquantaince person decided that they now can't keep him and asked if i could find him a home of course me with sucker all over my head took him in yesterday afternoon, after buying the little mite a lovely bed (not that he used it the sofa was more comfy along with my bed !!!) lots of toys and some decent puppy food.
Well he did'nt keep me up all night he did cry until i put him on my bed where he curled up and stayed there all night til 7.30 that was from 12 last night this poor little mite just needs lots of TLC this morning when i took him out he has done nothing in the house, what a good boy.
Cats are laughing at him cause he's smaller than them but all getting on very well haven't let him out to play yet with the big dogs but will do that later on today.
Will get some more snaps later for you.
We haven't quiet picked him name yet so far we've been calling him Marley but yesterday when mum and i were playing with him we spotted the size of his ears !!!!! thinking that the name Dumbo might be more appropiate !!!!!!

There should be a law to check peoples back ground before they decide on impulse to buy an animal from a shop they just do not think i am so annoyed personally if i see this persons boyfriend i will kick him to see how he likes it.

Lots of love


Susan said...

Dear Tara,
What a cuty puppy!!!! And ohh that story, people can be so rude to animels grrr... You can be proude of yourself you've taken him home and care for him!!! Marley is a nice name I think!!! :)
Thank you very much for you nice and cheer up words on my blog!, very sweet and that helps! I feel little better since a few days, have stitched a little bit.
So how is your shoulder now?
Greetings xx and hug to marley :) Susan

Ginnie said...

Oh he is so lovely I have never understood how people can be cruel to animals. I get more upset in films if an animal is hurt than a human!!! Pet shops should do home visits too. Glad he has found a lovely home with you. I like the name Marley !!

Shellie said...

AWWWWWWWWWW Tara he is just so sweet and Marley is a perfect name.
i cant beleive how some ppl treat animals!!!
I think the cats have a big surprise coming lol wont be too long before Marley rules im sure lol
Love n Hugs and rest that shoulder

Shellie said...

Whoops so busy cooeing over marley I have burnt me toasty sarnie lol

Stitching Kath said...

is he a cocker spaniel? he is so cute. I have 3 cockers and at present trying to fight the urge to take on a springer spaniel.