Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday 29th March

Hi everyone,

Let me see excuses for not blogging......Flued and had a house full of kiddie winks all week, still got one here hoping to push out the front door within the next few hours so i can actually have some me time..... and hope that my sanity returns.

Here's the mothers day card i made last week which i forgot to post.

My kids bought me for mothers day a beautiful crab apple bonsai tree it's so pretty it's in bloom at the moment so i will get the camera out later and take some photies for you, it's 7 years old but knowing my green fingers it won't reach 8 !!!!
Garden project is slightly on hold for a week cause of the tendon problem i have in my shoulder but since my last posted photos i have done the lawn and the plants have now filled out and started to blossom and the peach tree is coming on a treat.

Also managed to take a photo of the baby hedgehog who is hiding somewhere in my garden and my dog olive keeps finding and dropping on my door step !!!!!!

And last but not least this weeks update on my SAL having a panic on it as everyone is getting close to finishing theirs !!!!!

Right so it's Sunday morning and I'm off to put my Granary bread in the oven that has been rising for the last 3 hours, i just hate it this time of year when the clocks go forward cause it takes ages to get back into a routine and it takes mt son Dempsey weeks until he gets his normal sleep pattern back, not amusing when we've lost an hours sleep and i do love my bed !!!!
Have a great week everyone, will post Dr's report on shoulder hopefully tomorrow when/if the MRI results are in, if not i have to wait another week to get another appointment.
Love Tara xxx


Miss 376 said...

Know how you feel, just can't get myself going this morning. This SAL piece looks great, you're nearly there now

Ranae said...

Pretty card and so creative.
I want to see a pic of that bonsai tree.I bet it's pretty.
Awww!! I want a little hedgehog, it looks so adorable.
You have made great progress on the SAL house.
I bet the boys enjoyed that Dr. Who cake, it's awesome.
Take care

Susan said...

Dear Tara,
I hope your shoulder gets better, and I wish you good luck on the results!!
The card looks very cute, what a sweetie!!
You are so far on your SAL wow it's very nice so lovely with the animals on it now.
How sweet that hedgehog again and again, oh and I also love to see a picture from the bonsai (I have one inside my house, but it's almost dead now :(....)
Love from holland,

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.