Sunday, 15 March 2009

Update on my Stitch along

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to catch up with a photo from my SAL as you can see done a fair bit of sewing this week so am pretty proud of progress, i will pop back on either later or tomorrow to fill you in about my son's 7th birthday last weekend with some fab photos and i even managed to take a nice one of myself !!!! Busy trying to denit my son's hair OMG could of died when i checked him and found the beasty buggies there, my daughters at her friends for the day so heaven knows if she's got them to, i do hope not cause her hairs so long and it takes me hours to do.

So take care for now. Love Tara xxx


Ranae said...

Your colorful WIP is coming along great. I do hope you get those bugs taken care of.

Shellie said...

WOW hun your are steaming along through this one.
Sorry to hear about the nits but guess all kids get them at some point
Happy Stitching

Susan said...

Hey Tara!
Nice reading on your update, your SAL is looking great!!!Sweet piece it is.

wishing you good luck getting controle of the bugs argh !! I hope your daugher doesnt have them...Greeting from Holland,